Autumn Chores

I can hardly believe it’s that time of year again. Time to trim bushes, clean out raised beds, and winterize our animal pens. I have to admit I am sorry to see summer come to an end. I enjoy our gardening season, and usually by this time of year, I am already planning next years garden. We have more beds…

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Autumn Projects

A few months ago I was browsing through pintrest, (yes I LOVE getting ideas from there), and saw a chicken feeder idea. It was made of pvc pipe and was great for eliminating seed spills. Our chickens are notorious for spilling all their seed as soon as we put it in the bowl. I shows Bob and he filed it…..in…

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More lessons learned!!

In a previous post I mentioned that we bought heirloom seeds for the first time and I have been drying some to save for next season. I had quite a collection of green bean seeds, as I wanted to double the amount of plants next season.  Today while in our mudroom I opened a cabinet, the one where I was…

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Blogging again!!

So, how does one blog after neglecting her blog almost all summer??  She just jumps back in, that’s how!!  Summer was a very busy time, and life seemed to keep getting in the way of sitting down at a computer and blogging. Things have slowed down now, so I have recommitted to blogging more often.  Our gardens did better than…

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Life Goes On!!

Since lightning hit our transformer, knocking out several of our major appliances I wasn’t sure how we’d make out in day to day living.  Animals and people still have to eat, laundry still must be done, the dog still has to go out, and gardens watered.  Life without these major appliances is not easy.  I can’t tell you how many…

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Some unexpected happenings

Not all surprises are good!!  On Wednesday night while Bob was at work,  a thunderstorm rolled in. At first it seemed to be in the distance, and I was not really paying attention to it.  It began to get a bit louder and we heard one crack that sounded very close.  One of our daughters came upstaris to say the…

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The Promise of Things to Come!!

Delicate white flowers peek through lush leaves of green. Little yellow flowers and very small green tomatoes hang from plants…..these are the promises of whats to come!!  This is our busy time of year, and I love it.  No time to be bored, as there is always something to do, or plan.  Even though the garden got a late start,…

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Bob & Deb

Everyday stuff

Some days around here, in fact most days, are not exciting. We just go about our routines, working in the garden, caring for the animals, and Bob works on his woodworking.  All our kids are grown and most are out of the house, so life is changing a bit.  Today was just another regular day, but I decided to post…

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A New Iron in the Fire!!

Our goal is to grow and raise as much of our own food as we can from our land. This has been a slow learning process.   We do have another goal we are working toward, and that is finding a way to earn money while Bob is at home.  He is needed here to help with the heavy things…

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What’s Growing

With such a late start this year, I find myself heading out to the garden every morning to see if I can spot any new growth.  In previous years I planted both starter plants and from seed, but this year I bought all heirloom seeds, so everything was from seeds. I am a bit nervous to see how all this…

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