Plans for long term power outages

Much of our country is experiencing severe weather, and it’s been on my mind to share our plan should we have a long term power outage.  So as yet another storm makes it’s way our way I thought today might be a good day to share.  Yes, we really do have a plan, and there are three parts to ours….

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Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 9.57.07 AM

Decisions, Decisions!!!

We have been raising chicks for about 2 yrs now. Those first attempts at using an incubator were difficult, sometimes losing all the eggs.  We finally figured out just the right temp and humidity for us and now it seems quite simple.  I have to tell you how exciting it is on hatch day. I have been know to sit…

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Finished page

January’s scrapbook page

Now that the Holidays are over I can get back to scrapbooking on a more regular basis.  Here is a page you can use for scrapping your goals for 2014!!   Gather your materials, don’t be afraid to make it your own, by adding embellishments that appeal to you.  There is no wrong way to make scrapbook pages.  I chose…

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Heirloom seeds

We have gardened in raised beds for 3 yrs now at our present location. Our goal of becoming more self sufficient is moving forward. Sometimes slower than we’d like, but it’s a learn as you go process for us. Our gardens did not do very well last yr due to weather, but this is a new year and we have…

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A hearty soup for those cold days!

Potato ham chowder

It is snowing already this morning.  Forcasters are calling for 12+ inches in some areas.  Everything is in order here, so I get to spend this day puttering.  As promised, I am making soup this morning, with some leftover ham.  The recipe is easy, so I am sharing it. Here is a list of what you’ll need. 4 slices of…

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More Snow!!!

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for our area…….LOL!!! This is the phrase I heard when I answered the phone several hours ago.  The call came from my daughters school, alerting us that school for tomorrow had already been cancelled.  WHAT??? I thought we were only getting a few inches???  Apparently the forecast had changed. Now…

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The grinder

Expanding the Garden…step 1

We have several raised beds in our garden area, but not nearly enough…does a gardener ever have enough garden space?? Since our garden is in an area that once was very wooded, we have been taking down trees and trying to remove stumps. The stumps are the hardest job in this project, and up until now we (well actually my…

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Brrrrrr…’s cold outside!!

Here in NJ we usually have mild winters. Yes, it gets cold, and sometimes it snows, but it’s been a long time since our temps dipped down below zero! I believe about 20 years! Last week we woke up to -13!!! and it was cold. Since we knew ahead of time the temps were going plummet, we had filled our…

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Sad day, Difficult decisions, New plans

A few days ago we noticed my horse limping. Our corral had gotten very icy and since the horses churned it up, it was difficult for them to walk. My mare has very sensitive feet to begin with, so the churned up icy corral began to take it’s toll. Apparently her front feet became sore first, but she tried to…

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Christmas Scrapbook page

I had promised to give directions to make a scrapbook each month….but life took over and it got pushed to the back burner. Well here it is folks, my first post on a DIY Christmas scrapbook page.  Below is a list of materials needed, and the instructions follow. This is an easy Christmas page that you can use up your…

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