What’s cooking in your kitchen?

I  bought too many apples over the last few weeks. The kids weren’t eating them fast enough, and for some reason I just kept buying them.  I ended up with 12 lbs. of apples, and had to do something with them before they went bad. When we had our horses on out back, it was easy to use extra’s up. Now I…

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The temps have dropped!!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter!!  A few days ago our days were 70 degrees, and sunny. I took advantage of the nice days and finished cleaning out all the raised beds, and bagged as many leaves as I could. More on that later.  16 beds done out back. There is room for 4 more on one row,…

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I Don’t hate autumn….I’m just sad to see summer go!!!

I have been known to say I hate this time of year….I don’t really hate it, but I do hate to see summer come to an end.  I was thinking about how many times I fine myself dreading the end of summer and wondered why. Autumn is a beautiful time of yr.  I found myself silently listing the things I…

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Get your feet wet!

When you picture a homesteader, what do you see??  Someone who lives in a run down cabin, no electricity, or running water, only eating what is grown or raised on their land??  This may sound funny, but I believe many people who might like the idea of becoming more self sufficient, see homesteaders this way.  This is NOT a clear…

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Dorking chicken

Reflecting, where did this all begin?

Today is a beautiful fall day. Mild temps, sunny, a great day for continuing to clean the garden beds.  As I worked I began to think back to where my desire for gardening and homesteading began.  My parents had a small garden at one time, mostly tomatoes More of a hobby garden than anything else. We did not live in…

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Autumn Chores

I can hardly believe it’s that time of year again. Time to trim bushes, clean out raised beds, and winterize our animal pens. I have to admit I am sorry to see summer come to an end. I enjoy our gardening season, and usually by this time of year, I am already planning next years garden. We have more beds…

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Autumn Projects

A few months ago I was browsing through pintrest, (yes I LOVE getting ideas from there), and saw a chicken feeder idea. It was made of pvc pipe and was great for eliminating seed spills. Our chickens are notorious for spilling all their seed as soon as we put it in the bowl. I shows Bob and he filed it…..in…

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More lessons learned!!

In a previous post I mentioned that we bought heirloom seeds for the first time and I have been drying some to save for next season. I had quite a collection of green bean seeds, as I wanted to double the amount of plants next season.  Today while in our mudroom I opened a cabinet, the one where I was…

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Blogging again!!

So, how does one blog after neglecting her blog almost all summer??  She just jumps back in, that’s how!!  Summer was a very busy time, and life seemed to keep getting in the way of sitting down at a computer and blogging. Things have slowed down now, so I have recommitted to blogging more often.  Our gardens did better than…

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Life Goes On!!

Since lightning hit our transformer, knocking out several of our major appliances I wasn’t sure how we’d make out in day to day living.  Animals and people still have to eat, laundry still must be done, the dog still has to go out, and gardens watered.  Life without these major appliances is not easy.  I can’t tell you how many…

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